The Northeastern country of Europe having a population of mere 1.3 million people, Estonia, the land of medieval history and technological advancements, is said to be the land of new opportunities, and these are for everyone, whether you are a foreigner or a citizen, you can land your dream job here. The country is estimated to flourish in the current year and the next. It is the real expressway to kickstart your career. And guess what, anyone can be a citizen here!

Estonia is the first country in the world to have endured the digital revolution and hence, opens an array of job opportunities for people around the globe. Its government has introduced an E-Residency service, which is a transnational digital identity, that means that one can be a virtual residence of Estonia without actually settling in the country and avail the services administered by their government.

It is also the hub of many Startup companies like Skype, TransferWise, Pipedrive, etc. so if anyone wants to work in such companies or establish their own startups, they can either apply for a work visa or an Estonian Startup Visa, both of which are impermanent Visas or just do the latter online via E-Residency.

The Impermanent or temporary visa is one of the types of visas issued to people who are seeking career opportunities in another country. There are a lot of categories of temporary visas in Estonia; principally, the Temporary Residence Permit and the Estonian Startup Visa.

The Temporary Residence Permit for work is issued to an individual working with a locally registered corporation. The applicants require to apply in person at an Estonian representation board and the information that they need to submit depends on their qualifications. After an applicant has applied for the visa, he shall receive a Temporary Residence card within thirty days. If one is taking up short-term employment, up to six months, he should apply for a D-visa and details about his employment should be registered with the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. If one is taking up employment for a longer time, i.e. more than six months, he needs to apply for a Residence Permit which is valid up to five years.

The professions that one can look out for while applying for jobs are

Administration and Human Resource;

Banking and Insurance;

Finance and Management;

Construction and Real Estate;

Culture and Arts;

Trade and Tourism;

Education and Science;

Electronics and Telecommunications;

Energetics and Electricity;

Marketing, Media and PR;

Production and Sales;

Internship, Legal and Technology;

Service Industry;

Transport and Logistics

The Estonian Startup Visa was put in motion at the beginning of 2017 for entrepreneurs who were not citizens of the EU countries and aspired to become a part of Europe’s buoyant startup communities. In the first year of its induction, it received around 325 applications from 47 countries including India and Pakistan. The individuals looking forward to applying for this visa must include details of their business and their team in the visa application which will be reviewed and evaluated by a Startup Committee. This application can be submitted online and if the committee approves the application, a Startup visa is granted to the team. The visa is valid up to eighteen months, time granted for businesses to settle down their operations.

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