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helpoverseas comicHere, another one is on the path in fulfilling the dreams.
But make sure you create a checklist of all the requirements before moving to Canada to make a hassle free immigration.
Step by step cross check the list, so that nothing pulls you back in the final immigration procedure.
1. Make sure you submit a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity
2. Properly arrange and self-verify your documents so that you don’t have to run searching for you documents at the time of submission.
3. Make a clearance certificate from police which will state that you are a genuine person and do not hold any criminal records.
4. Health is wealth. Follow this concept and take good care of your health, so that your poor health does not prevents you from achieving your dreams.
5. Canada is the best, following the high living standards, so make sure you find a suitable job before moving to survive yourself in Canada.
6. The Canadian immigration procedures are quite strict so you have to prove them that you are financially stable by providing them the proof of funds which is at least 12,475$ CAD.
7. Canadian’s won’t be able to speak Hindi, and moreover you are immigrating in their country, so it will be good if you will learn English or French, it will help you in proper communication and also in this process you will learn one more international language. Hence give the exam of IELTS and try to score as many points possible, but score at least 67 points.

And finally when everything’s sorted, then Canada will heartily invite you in the country by providing you the Visa

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