IT Industry: Canada’s fastest growing sector

In the world of tech, change is the only constant. We have seen bunches of new and innovative technologies come and go over last few years. To be employable in the tech sector, you just need to keep a follow up about these trends and be open to constantly learn about your craft. Canada’s tech industry boasts, 488,000 IT professionals working in various fields ranging from project management, to software development, to information security to data analysis. According to last year’s record, the number of jobs in the tech field grew by 11,500, making it one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada. And when it comes down to immigrants, Canadian IT sector has launched an assertive recruiting campaign to get them into the jobs even more.

The IT industry offers some of the best salary packages in the country. The median annual salary is $81,500, up from $76,000 last year. The top 10% of earners make in excess of $114,300. In Canada, competition to hire software-savvy people, wireless network engineers or administrators, is intense and the employers earn an average of $115,000 to $138,000 annually. Even in the fields like A.I (Artificial Intelligence), manufacturing and computer system management, Canada offers a wide range of job opportunities with fair remuneration packages and they put equal attention in case of immigrant employees. In the province of Ontario, Toronto is the leading city with booming IT Firms hiring bunches of immigrants from all over the world and especially India since they believe that India possesses talented engineers who think out of the box.

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