Most Favorable Countries to Settle – Canada or Australia?

Comparative benefits of Migrating to Canada or Australia.. 

Looking for Immigration? The most probable options are that you are considering Canada and Australia – two of the most favorable countries to settle. Both countries offer a high quality of life and standard of living. They both also extend a points-based immigration system.

Here are few comparative parameters for better decision making and ensuring understanding on your profile.

Employment Opportunities: In Australia, a higher migrant participation rate often leads to a higher employment rate where as in Canada the higher migrant participation rate is closely associated with a higher unemployment rate. However, the number of skilled immigrants in recent programs has been increased in Canada. Going with the recent updates the unemployment rate in Canada is lowered.

Top Occupations: Mining and natural resources are highly in demand as a result these have the best paid jobs in their stride for immigrants. There are some jobs that are better in one country than in the other – for example, opportunities for nurses, midwifery are better in Canada than in Australia. The manufacturing base in Canada is larger as compared to Australia, on the other hand Australia is widely popular for its Technology, Development firms and their regional Head-Quarters. So, blue collar wages are better in Canada, whereas white collar jobs pay more in Australia.

Popularity: One who gets the access to Australia gets an access to New Zealand as well. Canada is also considered as world capital when it comes to immigration with maximum attraction towards Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec. Hence, Canada is very popular in India.

Cost of living: Due to taxation policies and highly industrialized economy, the cost of living in Australia is higher as compared to Canada which is more economical and affordable. The taxation in Canada is liberal than in Australia. Both in Australia and in Canada, taxes are the main cost residents have to bear.

Easier to Apply: As observed through various applications for Canada permanent resident visa, the process, point system and eligibility criteria for Canada are low and with simpler process, as compared to Australia where the process is intricate with preferred skill list and number of sub classes.

Permanent Residency: Claiming a permanent residency for Canada or Australia is solely based on factors and nominating occupation in demand list respectively / field of expertise, work experience, reference and relative in Australia.

Skill Assessment Authorities: Australia immigration requires assessment of your qualification and work experience officially assessed before applying Australia permanent residency. You must have your qualifications and work experience officially assessed before immigrating. While in Canada, only qualification is assessed.

Application: In Australia the assessment is applicable in all states and territories whereas in Canada formal acceptance of a qualification in one state does not imply that it would have acceptance in another. It requires multiple acceptances if the migrant intends to move in to different place. This is an added advantage in Australia.

Economy: Australia is considered highly competitive while Canada is believed to be a family oriented and community minded. Both the Countries have similar lifestyle and infrastructure.

Culture Diversity: Both the countries have widely diverse population having ethnicity factors. Canada has dominant Chinese, Indian, SriLankan, Philippines, Jamaican base and Increasing number of Immigrants around the globe.

On the other hand, Australia, has a more diverse population, with Indonesian, Thai and Lebanese as the dominant communities, and small Central or South American communities.

Social Security benefits: In Australia one has to wait for two years in Australia whereas one gets immediate access to this facility in Canada. Australia is highly competitive while Canada is believed to be community minded and in context with industrialization it’s growing in leaps and bound. Health care and Education is freely available. Both countries operate on similar free public health grounds.

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